Calm Your Gut

And well IBD looks like me!

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I spent my lockdown writing the book I wish I’d read when I was first hospitalised with IBD.

My advice on how to Calm your Gut is to lean into the grace and grit of gut knowledge and gut compassion. 

That’s because there is a complex interplay of issues that lead to a troubled gut! And I’ll be honest the uneasy and sometimes messy story of learning to love and listen to your gut takes time – but it’s so worth it! Because when we understand our unique gut biology and take care of our gut, not only do we start to look and feel better we also start to align with our deeper gut instincts and well that’s powerful stuff! 

And whilst the roadmap of my gut trouble sits in my DNA, I come from a family of gut issues. IBS, Diverticulitis, stomach cancer, you name it – my family has a history of it!

I learned that for me and so many others stress is so often the key to unlocking the path forward. And that’s because we now know that mental health and gut health are interwoven. Those of us with a sensitive gut appear to be more impacted by the day-to-day stresses and strains of our busy, modern lives and anxiety has an impact on our gut health in many ways, exacerbating inflammation and reducing the resilience of the delicate epithelial layer of our gut wall.  

As someone who has been dancing (sometimes quite literally) with my gut health for 20years. I’ve done a deep dive into gut health, exploring some of the latest science and the world of complementary approaches and I share my findings along the way in ‘Calm Your Gut: A Mindful and Compassionate Guide to healing IBD and IBS’

So if you or someone in you love has a troubled gut this might just be what you need to read.

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