Change your Gut,
Change your Mind,
Change your Life!

Welcome to The Mindful Gut!

Join me in my mission to inspire 1 million people to become the caretaker of their gut microbiome

As a Hay House author, somatic coach,  and gut health expert my work integrates self-compassion to offer a transformative new relationship to your gut!

I offer talks, workshops and retreats to support deeper insights into how our collective food choices shape both our inner and outer ecosystems.

It really is simple to Change your Gut, Change your Mind and Change your Life.

And the good news is that when we heal our gut, we help heal our precious planet too!


Calm Your Gut

NOW is the time for you to really listen, and tune into your gut in a whole new way. 

When you tune into your gut – in a deeply powerful, gut-loving way – it will change your life.

Discover a toolkit of exercises and simple lifestyle changes to support the foundations of good gut health and create a new sense of wellbeing.

My talks, workshops and retreats offer expert guidance on setting holistic, healthy and sustainable goals:

  • Discover the inner world of your gut garden – your magical microbiome
  • Learn about the gorgeously intricate biology of your most incredible organ
  • Cultivate a new sense of self-compassion and connection with your gut
  • Learn the key pillars for good gut health to create more calm.
  • Lean into your intuition, so you effortlessly choose foods that heal you and your gut!
  • Create fresh, healthy wholefood recipes for every mealtime

Start your gut health transformation today!

FREE Fermenting Recipe

Probiotics are pricey and kefir can be costly. Support your gorgeous gut bugs with this delicious homemade ferment! 

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