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I am an holistic wellness expert, and Hay House author.

My work supports you to re-connect to your gut, to re-connect to nature, and to discover a new more compassionate relationship with your food!

I’m an award winning coach, speaker and retreat space holder. 

I’d love to share how I can support you to have more energy, more vitality and more health – because your gut is the foundation of your whole health.

It’s time to Change your Gut –  to Change your Life! 

My Qualifications:

The Mindful Gut Journey

The early unconscious struggle

I was an anxious teen, with a bloated unhappy belly. I didn’t know then, that anxiety and gut health were connected. Didn’t know my restricted diet was packed with processed foods which were damaging my microbiome. My anxiety was so chronic I couldn’t leave the house, becoming a school drop out.

The almost unrepairable damage

My gut was inflamed and sore all the time, and no one seemed to know how to fix it, Until I started uni in London, when a diagnosis for IBD (Inflammatory Bowel Disease) and a critical flare landed me in A&E on the cusp of major surgery to remove my colon!
Don’t it always seem to go, you don’t know what you’ve got til it’s gone.

The journey to loving my gut

I left hospital with my colon – and a new mission to love my gut back to health. With a commitment to learn what I needed to do to keep it for as long as I could! 20 years later I still have my gorgeous gut. My book and my work are truly holistic, merging the new science of the gut microbiome with the ancient wisdom of mindfulness and compassion.

Rest, Recharge & Reset

Join us for a unique and exclusive retreat experience in the Derbyshire Peak District.

Relax in the beautiful natural surroundings of a working farm balancing an introduction to gut health and practical cookery sessions with mindful movement, breathwork, river side walks and fireside rituals. 

You’ll also have time to reflect on 2024, exploring your goals and intentions for the rest of the year and turning these creatively into a beautiful vision board. We keep our retreats small to create a special and safe experience.

The Mindful Gut services

Coaching 1-to-1

Transform your Gut Health with simple tools and techniques to find more love and compassion in your food.

Talks & Workshops

I have lot of events taking place across the year. Click here to book a call.

Corporate Wellbeing

Putting Gut health at the heart of your company’s wellbeing strategy might be the smartest move you make this year! Book me for an interactive talk or workshop to support your team's wellbeing.

...or join us on our unique retreat experience

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The ultimate guide to healing IBD and IBS

NOW is the time for you to really listen, and tune into your gut in a whole new way.
When you tune into your gut – in a deeply powerful, gut-loving way – it will change your life.

Discover a toolkit of exercises and simple lifestyle changes to support the foundations of good gut health and create a new sense of wellbeing.

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Fight for your gut!

A little mindful gut love!

Never underestimate the transformative power of radical compassion for gut health 

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