The Mindful Gut Project is a mission to inspire 1 million people to become the caretaker of their gut microbiome.

Our progress so far…

Retreat Centres we use across the UK
Number of people reached through print/podcast and in person
Experts we have collaborated with

1 in 5 people here in the UK live with a chronic gut condition like IBS and IBD.

The evidence is now clear that gut health and mental health are intimately interlinked, young people are the group who need simple, reliable information on supporting their best gut health.

Two key groups to change are...

Sixth Forms & Colleges

Enhance assemblies, tutorials for staff and students 

With over 20 years working in Education Cara has the skills to engage diverse groups of students from large year assemblies to smaller more intimate conversations and hands on workshops exploring the foundational role of gut health in physical and mental wellbeing.

Cara brings her Gut Health expertise with the tools of mindfulness and self compassion to create bespoke events to enable a truly fresh perspective on our current mental health context. Cara facilitates creative conversations around health and wellbeing!

Cara curates workshops which explore the role of our Gut Garden and its links to Biodiversity and Sustainability

Community Projects

Food is the most powerful lever for transforming human and planetary health.

Collaboration is the most precious tool to enable systemic change to our current food system.

Across 2023-2024 it has been a privilege to partner with Barnardo’s SEEN on a nation wide project talking to young people and their families about good gut health!

It’s time to rethink our relationship with food, moving towards more sustainable mood boosting food that energises and supports us to thrive.


We share the cutting edge research on gut health and our magical microbiome in easy to digest form – pun intended!

We use interactive talks and fun workshops to explore why gut health matters; and share simple strategies for supporting improved gut health and how this can support our mental wellbeing.


Cara, the face behind The Mindful Gut Project, is the Hay House author of Calm Your Gut.

As a coach trained in mindfulness and somatic movement, Cara’s talks and workshops are fun, interactive and experiential. Her secret sauce is self compassion!

It's time to talk about good gut health in an holistic way.

The Mindful Gut Project shares simple sustainable changes.

If you’re seeking a person to talk from the heart and gut of their lived experience – I’m your woman!

A few of my most popular offerings right now are:

To find more about supporting your teaching team and students

Learn simple changes to finding the love and compassion in your food!

Achieving a radically more natural approach to finding and choosing food you love that loves you back!

This includes:

  1. Learning how Food shapes Mood!
  2. Discovering the magic of your microbiome
  3. Trying some practical fermenting!

Learn the simple joy of a healthy, happy, more  mindful Gut!

Achieve physical and mental wellbeing

Discover how easy it is to change your gut, change your mind and change your life!

My mission is to inspire 1 million people to gut care!