The Power of Gut Instincts

Tuning into your Gut Instincts when it comes to saying Yes and No!

How good are you at saying No?

If you’re great at it, well done! It’s a life skill we very rarely get taught, but if you’re a people pleaser then it’s almost certainly a skill you need to refine!

Know that if you’re having trouble saying No to what you don’t want, then you’ll almost certainly be saying Yes to someone else’s priority – not yours!

When we focus our life energy on our own Yes, then we are in a more powerful position to steer our own direction of travel. In a deeper sense – it’s about listening to our gut!

In my experience it’s about practicing the No (and Yes) of our life in the little things, in a safe space with those you trust. Role play with friends can make it light and fun. But it’s also a serious business to get you ready for the times when your very life may depend on it!

Choosing the right Yes and No is a precious life skill! How can you choose today? 

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