Balance your biome

Here at the Mindful Gut we believe in balance. 

Balance supports our health and wellbeing, and helps us live lives that make us happier! 

And well, we really like to walk the talk of our values. 

So we’ve spent the last few weeks off grid – yes, quite literally we’ve been camping in the Inner and Outer Hebrides. 

It’s been so fun to be on the road, to have freedom after being constrained – like we all have for so much of the last two years.

It’s been wild, windy, and very beautiful. We walked, talked, took in some awesome views, and we breathed in our biome. 

Yes, breathing in nature really does support the diversity of our gut microbiome, helping it stay healthy and more balanced.

So here’s to inspiring you to take time in nature this week to breathe in your biome and support your gut health!

Wishing you Happy World IBD Day for the 19th May! 

We hope you had a good one, it really is great to be able to talk more openly about IBD. 

With love,

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