Attention is the most basic form of Love

Where we place our attention matters…

How would you feel about 10 days in silence?

To not have access to your phone, laptop or any form of media, or even reading materials. Yes no tech, no music or gadgets for 10 whole days?

Well I  found out last week… (and no I wasn’t being held in solitary confinement) I sat my very first Vipassana retreat. 

The result? 

I felt calmer, happier, lighter and unexpectedly like I had more time, and more space. 

I was very happy to be phone free.

My 10 day phone break revealed –  just how much of my attention is impacted by the tiny pinpricks and prods of technology on my ability to be fully present to those around me and myself. 

Put simply – not having a phone left me feeling more present, more content, and more connected (not less).

This is one system reset – I will be repeating again soon. 

I’ll be sharing more about my retreat experience across future posts… 

In the meantime I’m sharing these beautiful words by Zen Buddhist John Tarrant

”Attention is the most basic form of Love”.

So where are you placing your attention right now? 

And, where would you like to place your attention?

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