Taking care of your Gut.

The A to P to get your gut back on track after a course of antibiotics!

I’ve managed to avoid antibiotics for most of the last 2 decades, but recently I had to take a course of antibiotics to treat a Covid related infection!

Without a life-saving course of antibiotics it could have got really scary, but now I’m through the other side of my treatment, it’s time to turn to my microbiome.

As you know, the problem with antibiotics is that they are indiscriminate, they kill off the good gut bugs as well as the infection that you and your Doctor are trying to fix. So I’ve spent the last few weeks building my biome back up to health.

My simple secret to good gut health after a course of antibiotics! It’s as easy as A-P!

Right now, I’m packing my diet with the 3 Ps – probiotics, prebiotics and polyphenols.

  1. Drinking my morning kefir – yes this is a simple way of effortlessly getting some good bugs in your gut! I‘m a plant based gal in most areas of my life but I love @chucklinggoats for their homegrown goodness and because it’s a brand I know and trust.
  2. Mix up your morning kefir with a green banana – fibre and prebiotic goodness rolled into one! Hmm yes
  3. Polyphenols are all about eating the rainbow! Green, purple, orange and blue – yes as many diverse fruit and veg as you can. I aim for a good round 30 per week, with a little planning it really is as easy as A-P!

As someone living with IBD and IBS I am mindful of my gut health. Want to know more check out www.themindfulgut.co.uk

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